High On Flats

One of the happiest trends in recent times, for me, was flats. I’ve been known to be terribly clumsy. With the beginning of womanhood, I did manage to acquire a semblance of balance on higher-than-ground-level footwear but never with a lot of grace or indeed, joy.

I also happen to have rather large feet, which make it very difficult for me to find my size in women’s wear. I walked through my childhood and most of my adolescence in unisex/menswear (boots, sneakers etc). For some strange reason, shoe-makers seem to think that the larger the size of the shoe, the higher its heel has to be. That makes no sense from a biological perspective at all. A large-footed person is likely to be tall and not require heels.

Thus my dressier/more feminine looks had to be compromised on the alter of footwear with my settling for ubiquitous (and ugly) brown or black shoe-sandals that are usually relegated to school/office/boring occasions. Is it any surprise then, that I’ve gone splash on colour and design since they started making sensible & comfortable footwear in my size?

I own the same pair in blue and purple too. But those are functional while this is a drop of pure sunshine joy on each foot! I wear these with shorts, dresses, jeans and salwar-kameezes.

I Wear:

Yellow ankle-ringed sandals: Lifestyle

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This entry was posted on April 29, 2011 by in Accessories, Shoes.

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