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I am a regular reader of High Heel Confidential. It’s one of the sites that I actually open every day that I’m online, instead of just waiting for my feed-reader to remind me. I don’t always agree with them. The authors’ sensibilities do seem more western than Indian to me. Like, I don’t think wearing a saree and/or Indian design jewellery automatically makes you stunning. I also don’t ascribe to the ‘Match Much’ premise. But I think these are the authors’ individual style/aesthetic opinions. And I think they do a fantastic job, chronicling most of the popular looks among Indian celebrities today.

This post caught my eye today. It captures Sonam Kapoor in a Phalguni & Shane Peacock dress (which I know to be radical, funky designs, from my regular HHC reading). The post has sparked off a heated conversation on body image, body types and Spanx. Payal exact words were,

“With her character Naina wearing Falguni and Shane Peacock quite a bit in the movie, it isn’t a surprise to finally see Sonam wearing one for the promotions. Except while I love the dress and the look is edgy, can’t quite get past unsightly bumps at the hips. “

HHC regulars will know that Sonam Kapoor is a hot favorite on this blog and usually gets glowing reviews. It was unusual enough to hear a criticism but I was most surprised to find what it was targetted towards. I really didn’t even notice those hipbones. Protruding bones are not considered beautiful, a fact that I know from my own experiences with being laughed at for knobbly knees. This curiously enough, co-exists with the world that values boney, starved-looking women. But a dress like this is so colourful and vibrant and even busy, that you don’t even notice bones that jut out!

I’m glad Payal’s update mentioned Spanx and not surgery or exercise (that would have been a major faux pas in today’s beauty-as-it-is conscious world). Still, Spanx tiptoes the border of needing outside approval and just being needy. A commenter mentions that Spanx isn’t that good for the internal organs, something I’ve never heard before and can’t ratify. What’s the call on this? Do any of my style and/or health conscious readers know anything about this?

On another tack, I’m not a fan of Sonam Kapoor myself. She’s pretty enough and tall, something that can only ever be a plus (take it from someone who is duly blessed and thanks her stars everyday for it). However I don’t see her bringing any part of herself to a look, other than her body and the money to pay for expensive clothes & accessories. HHC has showcased her in everything from salwar-kameezes to dresses to denims. I still can’t see her in a distinctive look. Most of the time, it seems to me like she’s just a clotheshorse.

I don’t think sheer sarees & pulled-back hair look good on a gaunt frame like hers at all. On the other hand, young, funky looks seem to complement her girlish features well. As Garima points out in the post, a less smiley and more intense look would have nailed the dress perfectly. But Ms.Kapoor seems to go about buying everything that seems like it could be ‘in’. That’s extravagance, not a personalized look. It’s a big fat bill instead of an individual sense of style.

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