The Diva’s Handbag

I’m a writer. I’m a social commentator.

I go by the name of IdeaSmith. Yes, that’s a handle and no, I’m not anonymous (anymore).

My oldest blog, the incubator of my ideas and the originator of this one is called The Idea-smithy. I write about the city, cover events, review pop culture, tell stories and share my own little inscriptions on life.

My other major blog, XX Factor is a kickass look at gender stereotypes, notions of feminism & empowerment, modern relationships and womanhood. A selection of these posts appear biweekly on Yahoo! Real Beauty.

My twin experiment to Divadom is Plain Salted, a blog about a newbie foodophobe’s culinary experiments.

I tweet as @ideasmithy.

I’ve been a part of several major Indian blogging collectives like DesiPundit, Desicritics, Mumbai Metroblogging, IFSHA, Desidabba and Gaysi.

I wrote a weekly column about blogging at BlogAdda.

And finally, I make my contributions to the words you read around you, off the computer screen too. My print work can be seen here.


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